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Concerta is a medication used for children and adults to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and attention deficit disorder. It is only used for those ages between 6 and 65.

This drug works by affecting the nerves and the chemicals in the brain that cause the impulses and hyperactivity. It does this by working as a central nervous system stimulant. Anyone who is diagnosed with either of these disorders should also be in a program that treats their educational, social and psychological measures.

There are those who should not take this drug. Anyone who has Tourette's syndrome, severe agitation, tension or anxiety should not take Concerta. Those who suffer with glaucoma should also never use this drug. Since this is a methylphenidate, it can be habit forming, and no one who has had an addiction problem in the past should use this drug. Some people have a methylphenidate allergy and could suffer with a serious allergic reaction; those people should not use Concerta.
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Anyone with heart problems, stomach disorders, epilepsy or seizures, mental illness, psychotic orders or high blood pressure should alert their physician before using this drug.

No growing child should use this drug for a long time; it may affect the child's normal growth. It can also affect a nursing infant and shouldn't be used by a woman who is nursing or is pregnant.

Adults can benefit by this drug by being able to focus better on daily activities at home and on the job. It will help the adult finish what has been started instead of just quitting right in the middle of a project. It can also prevent careless mistakes from occurring at work. The benefits continue outside of work in personal relationships and in parenting.

Adults will normally begin a dose of 18 or 36mg per day. This dose only needs to be taken in the morning since it is releases the drug slowly throughout the day. It is best to start with the lowest dose to find out which dosage works the best. Common side effects for adults include nausea, headache, decreased appetite, insomnia and dry mouth.

Children will benefit by this drug by getting through the school day without losing concentration, getting along better with classmates and teachers, and by improving grades. A child will always start with 18mg per day and may stay at this dose throughout the treatment period. The dose may be adjusted according to the growth and weight of the child. Children and adolescents may experience upper abdominal pain as a side effect.

Concerta is mainly prescribed by a doctor and could be difficult to obtain otherwise. However, there are online pharmacies that can do this without a prescription. If this method is used, it is important to find a reputable website that can be trusted.
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